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Our MSI Campus is located in Platte City, MO.  On a rotating basis, we offer our 12 Basic Ministry Courses. Our training tracks are geared toward people who are serving in full-time ministry, working in other careers or pursuing other academic degrees.  The course times are on Saturday mornings.  There are approximately 8 hours of lecture per course.  There are writing assignments and required reading.  Each course is designed to be completed in six weeks, requiring a study commitment of six hours per week.  Instructors are experienced active ministers from the Kansas City area.  The cost of each course is $125 plus text books due at the first class and course materials.  (Less than $50 per course)  All Courses are offered in the Spring and in the Fall.  A current course schedule is available on our website and through our MSI office.Courses may be taken for enrichment or for credit.  A Ministry Training Certificate is awarded to students satisfactorily completing all 12 Basic Ministry Training Courses.


 12 Basic Ministry Courses
· Passion for Worship
· Christian Doctrine
· The Power of Prayer
· The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
· Missions I:  Cross-Cultural Ministry
· Spiritual Warfare
· Spiritual Formation:  Heart for God 
· The History of Christianity
· Leadership in Ministry I
· Ministering the Word
· Evangelism:  Reaching the Lost
· People Skills 101

To register for the course of your choice, just click PURCHASE COURSES and select the course and make your payment.  You will be notified and automatically registered for the course to be presented at the MSI Campus venue at its schedule time.


MSI also offers:
*Classes Online
*MSI Mobile Courses
*Ministry Training Conferences
*Ministry Resources


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