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Ministry Spiritual Growth Seminar
"Answers from the Ark"
December 2
Living Hope ChristianFellowship
10055 Valley Home Rd.
Oakdale, CA 

This ministry equipping seminar will be held on Sunday, December 2, from 9am-12:30pm.

This conference is presented by the Ministry Skills Institute.


"Answers from the Ark"


Some Bible events seem impossible to wrap our minds around, like The Flood and Noah’s Ark.  It actually provides many answers for us regarding Creation (Old Earth or New Earth?).  It highlights the Nature of God, His Power, His Promises,  Redemption and points to the New Heaven and New Earth.  We’ll unpack the amazing Ark narrative with its past, present and future implications.

Following the Ark teaching, there will be a brief session on the Five-Fold Ministry Gifts (We received a request.)  This segment will give definition and designation the Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher and their importance in “equipping the saints for the work of ministry.”     

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Instructor Dallas Elder is the Ministry Director of Grace Covenant International and the Ministry Skills Institute of Platte City, MO. His work areas include: apostolic shepherding, ministry training, leadership coaching, church planting, and foreign missions development. He is the author of The ValueGiver, a book about finding true worth.


The cost for this Seminar is $45 per person.  Registration deadline is November 24. You can register online using the button below or by calling our office 816-431-6217.

You can pay the day of the seminar with cash or a check made out to MSI.

MSI Spiritual Growth Seminar

"Answers from the Ark"
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