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September 22-25, 2021
Platte City, MO

MSI Ignite Conference 2021


MSI Ignite Conference 2021

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“Stir It Up” Seminar     

Wednesday,  Sept. 22   9am-3pm                  

Leaders need to be continually revived in the their spirits and strengthened in their skills. This one-day seminar features interactive equipping and  encouraging sessions facilitated by ministry leaders:  Dallas Elder, Mary McDonald and Rusty Savage. It’s geared to “stir you up” for stronger and more confident Kingdom  ministry. There is “fresh bread” being prepared for you to be served in these sessions.  Come and get some!!!


     "Centering in Jesus"—Dallas Elder

We often need to disengage from the pushes, pulls and pressures of life and ministry to re-center on Jesus.  We will use some tangible touch points of faith to engage and experience God’s Presence.


     "Fan the Flame" —Mary McDonald

What do we do when we are at our end?  How do we ' keep on keeping on ' when all we want to do is sit down? Challenges are part of all true ministry but there is good news!



     "Thousand Weeks Club" —Rusty Savage

Leadership lessons from 30 years in the same place. It isn't just a sprint. It's not even a marathon. Long-tenured ministry is taking a group of people through a wilderness to a promised land. The priorities change. The scorecard changes. The responsibilities change.

Conference Workshops

Thursday-Saturday   Sept. 23-25


►Dallas Elder


“…Put on the new self, which is being renewed in knowledge in the image of its Creator.” (Eph. 3:10) This workshop explores the implications of God’s image in us. At worst, it’s buried under the debris of the Fall and our life choices. Still it       remains our created core and intended nature. It is the quest for our identity, the lens from which we can view our authentic self and genuinely affirm others. The supreme objective of Jesus was to redeem the image of God in humanity.



►Barry Clair


Often, the teachings of Jesus and the Bible      deviate from current accepted cultural norms. When messengers of the Gospel present a     faithful witness to it, immediately they are met with massive and public disapproval, outcry and calls for banishment. They are accused of      promoting hate and offensive ideologies. In this session, Pastors and Church leaders will learn to lead and preach in a culture that is condemning and un-redemptive. They will learn to avoid the missteps and ambushes of Cancel Culture. They will understand what should be the character of the messenger and the content of their message to a post-Christian culture.



►Darrell Jones


The three sessions of this workshop will address how the local church can engage and impact its community for Christ.

   1) A Biblical Model of Community Mission.

   2) How the Missional Church Engages the            Community.

   3) Exploring New Horizons of Ministry

Conference Speakers

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Barry Clair is the Lead Pastor of Tiffany Fellowship Church in Kansas City, MO. He’s taught on Leadership and Preaching in conferences in    several nations. His passion is to see lives transformed by the power of God’s Word and to train ministers to maximize their ministry potential.

Darrell Jones is the President of the Stanley M. Herzog Charitable Foundation which strengthens Christian education across the nation.  He served as Senior Pastor at Grace Evangelical Church-St. Joseph, MO for  23 years. He is an infectious communicator and “out of the box” leader who equips believers to creatively engage people for Christ.

Mary McDonald is the Lead Pastor of  Holsey Chapel in St. Joseph, MO.   She has also served in the marketplace as a business professional with an international company. She is a strong and wise Christian leader and anointed preacher. She serves on the Executive Board of  GCI.

Rusty Savage has been pastor of First Baptist-Platte City, MO for 30 years. His passion is to see people enter into life-changing relationships with God. As a long-tenured pastor, he believes the local church is to be the environment for spiritual transformation in Christ.

Dallas Elder is the Director of Grace Covenant International and the  Ministry Skills Institute of Platte City, MO. His work areas include:  apostolic shepherding, ministry training, leadership coaching, church planting, and foreign missions development. He is the author of The ValueGiver: The HeArt of Receiving and Giving True Worth.

Conference Schedule

“Stir It Up” Seminar

             Wednesday, Sept 22   9am-3pm


Ignite Ministry Conference Workshops

             Thursday, Sept 23-Saturday, Sept 25

(There are three sessions to each workshop.  One session presented each day.)


9:00-10:15am     Redeeming the Image of God 

10:30-11:45am     Leading/Preaching in Culture

11:45-1:30pm    Lunch Break

1:30-2:45pm      Church Engaging Community

Ministry Events


Thursday: 7pm

Praise and Ministry

 Message: "God Breathed"

 By Pam Brown, Apostle and  Pastor of Trinity Missionary Full Gospel Church-St. Joseph, MO.

Friday: Ignite Fellowship Cookout

     *For registered conference attendees.

Conference Location

First Baptist Church

17385 MO-371

Platte City, MO 64153

Conference Cost

"Stir It Up" Seminar  $60

Ignite Conference   $150 

      (three days of workshops)

Individual Workshop  $60

Daily Rate  $60 

      (per day for your selected days)

*Special lodging rates for our Ignite attendees.


Contact our office for more information.