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MSI Ignite Conference 2023


“Stir It Up” Seminar     

Wednesday,  Sept. 20   9am-3pm                  

Leaders need to be continually revived in their spirits and strengthened in their skills. This one-day seminar features interactive equipping and encouraging sessions facilitated by ministry leaders. It’s geared to “stir you up” for stronger and more confident Kingdom ministry. “Fresh bread” is being prepared to be served in these sessions. Come get some!!!


  “Check Your Soil”—Dallas Elder

Jesus taught in His Kingdom Parables that Spiritual Perceptivity is relative to one’s Spiritual Receptivity which He compared to the condition of one’s soil. 


   “Losing My Religion”​ —Tammy Herzig

It's easy to find ourselves working hard to please God without enjoying a relationship with Him. What if the abundant life Jesus promises looks a little different from the one we're currently living?


     "Do Not Quit on Monday" —Brady Testorff

Pastoral ministry is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.    “Do not grow weary in doing good….” (Galatians 6:9)  Do not give up!  

We encourage you to attend the seminar and the full conference. However, we do have flexible options to work with your schedule.

Conference Workshops

Thursday-Saturday   Sept. 22-23


►Dallas Elder


Some Bible events seem impossible to wrap our minds around, like The Flood and Noah’s Ark. It actually provides many answers for us regarding Creation (Old Earth or New Earth?). It highlights the Nature of God, His Power, His Promises,    Redemption and points to the New Heaven and New Earth. We’ll unpack the amazing Ark narrative with its past, present and future implications.



►John Brown

Have you ever wondered why we don’t see more powerfully transformed Christians? What does it mean to be transformed into His likeness? How can that happen? How does that happen? One definition I like is: “Transformation is the process of the deep and lasting integration and assimilation of the character of Jesus.” Doesn’t that sound great! Let’s look into this together.




Leadership is the steering mechanism for any group, church or ministry. This workshop on God-centered leadership will present the disciplines of a quintessential leader. It will include: fostering a purpose of excellence, creating an MVP mindset, and establishing a consistent-centric focus.

Conference Speakers

Dallas Elder.png

John Brown has served as the Senior Pastor of Harmony Vineyard of Kansas City, MO for over 30 years. His passion is to express and impart God’s incredible love through the transforming power of His Spirit through His Word.

Frank Armato is an author, professor, and corporate executive in the leadership and talent development space. He enjoys helping people reach their full God-given potential through pillars of excellence.

Tammy Herzig is a speaker, writer, and Bible teacher. She connects with people right where they are on their faith journey. She communicates God’s grace and truth to facilitate growth in their relationship with Him.

Brady Testorff has served as the youth pastor of a mega-church. He is church planter. He is the founding and lead Pastor of The Calling Community Church in Platte City, MO. He genuinely offers Jesus as the real life answer to real life problems.

Dallas Elder is the Ministry Director of Grace Covenant International and the Ministry Skills Institute of Platte City, MO. His work areas include: apostolic shepherding, ministry training, leadership coaching, church planting, and foreign missions development. He is the author of The ValueGiver, a book about finding true worth.

Conference Schedule

“Stir It Up” Seminar

             Wednesday, Sept 20   9am-3pm


Ignite Ministry Conference Workshops

             Thursday, Sept 21-Saturday, Sept 23

(There are three sessions to each workshop.  One session presented each day.)


9:00-10:15am     Answers from the Ark

10:30-11:45am    Power/Process/Transformation

11:45-1:30pm      Lunch Break

1:30-2:45pm       Consistency vs. Compromise

Ministry Service


Thursday: 7pm

Praise and Ministry

 Message by

 Dallas Elder

Ministry Director of 

Grace Covenant International

Conference Location