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About Our Training Courses
    Our Basic Ministry Training Courses are offered in the Fall and Spring of each year.  Courses are designed to be completed within six weeks. 
    Our instructors are experienced equippers and active in ministry with a heart to shape students for their calling.
    Our classes are designed for students engaged in other activities such as fulltime ministry, an occupation or college.  MSI offers the opportunity to receive ministry equipping while fulfilling other responsibilities.  Each course contains 8 hours of lecture, reading and writing assignments for a work load of about 6 hours per week.  Class lecture portions are held on Saturday.
     Students satisfactorily completing all 12 courses will receive a Ministry Training Certificate.


"EVANGELISM: Reaching the Lost"

Instructor: Kevin Clancey

January 14, 21, 28, 2023


Time:  (Eastern) 11am-2:30pm 

           (Central)  10am-1:30pm

           (Pacific)     8am-11:30am

Place: Zoom 



The objective of this course is to instruct and equip believers to influence unbelievers for Christ.  The class will demonstrate how to develop a “harvest heart” and equip believers with the practical tools and skills necessary for doing evangelism.  We will examine various valid methods and styles for sharing Christ and how different personalities have a preferred style.  Working toward the harvest is a process of cultivation, sowing, watering and reaping.  There will be a special emphasis on relational evangelism.


Reimaging Evangelism by Rick Richardson

Power Evangelism by John Wimber 

*Textbooks are online or through our office 



$125 per person.



Registration deadline January 6.

Register online at

or call MSI at 816.431.6217.

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